Heading into another weekend….


Well, another week has come to an end. This weekend, I plan on spending time with my son and cleaning up my messy house. Amazingly, I am actually looking forward to a very laid back weekend for a change. I feel like I’ve been running the rat race non-stop lately and could use a break.

Tonight, I am planning on having dinner with Ryan Adams and his wife Jessica. They own the Planet Beach tanning salon in Springboro, OH. If anyone is interested in a good tan and nice, friendly staff…stop by! You can find them here.

I have new pictures from Christmas time and right after. I will be posting them soon.

Have a great weekend!




I’m not sure if it’s a lifestyle change lately, medication side effects or just a coincendance but I’ve been having some extremely vivid and abnormal dreams lately. The worst part is that a few of them are reoccuring dreams.

This is kinda freaky situation when you dream the same thing over and over. It almost starts to be come real. For example, I’ve been having this continuous dream about being back in high school. I’m walking through the halls of my old school when I realize that I’m almost 30 years old and not supposed to be here. Then a counselor walks up to me and tells me that I’m not able to leave yet because I don’t have enough credits to graduate. I have a sinking feeling that this stems for my poor academic performance my last two years in high school. I barely scraped by, yet gradudated, when college and created a successful career in software.

So, are dreams just random memories called up by our unconsciouis mind or do they have some real world meaning? I guess it’s up to each person’s interpretation of this.